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Leslie Taylor Associates (LTA) provides legal and consulting services on spectrum management, wireless and satellite communications.  The firm, founded in 1989, supports companies in developing and implementing strategies for obtaining allocations for radiofrequency spectrum for existing or new communications services or systems.  This includes obtaining international frequency allocations, U.S. (FCC) and foreign communications licenses, and FCC service rules. LTA has supported companies in obtaining FCC licenses, wireless licenses in other countries, international and domestic spectrum allocations, and service rules.  LTA has had a key role in facilitating allocations, licenses and service rules for:  terrestrial wireless systems, including cellular, fixed-satellite service, direct-broadcast satellite, mobile satellite service, digital audio radio service, and terrestrial fixed services.  The firm represents clients before the FCC, the International Telecommunication Union and has supported clients at numerous radio-frequency allocation conferences.  In addition, LTA has expertise in the area of unlicensed wireless frequency allocations (e.g., wifi and other services) before the FCC, the ITU and IEEE standards bodies.